Ice Slip and Fall Injury

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Ice Slip and Fall Injury

One of the wondrous things about living in Ohio are our beautiful surroundings. From Ohio’s many rivers, lakes, and metro parks, we can see an abundance of nature, green spaces, and in the fall, a kaleidoscope of colors from the changing foliage. Living in Ohio also means we must learn to navigate winter conditions so we and our families are safe when traveling.

Rain and snow are weather conditions that impact the way we navigate in multiple ways. We must adjust the speed at which we travel, as well as keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead (one car length for every 10 mph) to allow time to safely come to a stop. We must also adjust how we walk on snow and on ice. Ice, which is often unseen or mistaken for wet surfaces, can prove a major health hazard if we slip and fall, or if we have an automobile accident. Slipping and falling on ice is common during Ohio winters and can result in serious bone fractures and other injuries. Here are some tips to help while driving or walking on snowy or icy conditions to reduce your chances of serious injury

  • If driving on icy roads, when you reach your destination take a moment or two to sit in your car before getting out and walking. Driving on snow or ice is often stressful, and stress can make our muscles tense, which can lead to them not functioning as easily as they need to be when walking on ice. Take those couple of moments to breathe deeply a few times to allow your body to lower your level of stress before getting out of the car
  • Instead of your normal stride, take smaller shuffling steps when walking on ice
  • Slightly bend your knees and keep your feet slightly apart to give you better balance
  • Keep your head up and your eyes looking down at the ground when walking while you focus and pay attention to each step. Keeping your head up will improve your balance. Remember; “Head down/fall down” and “head up/stay up”
  • Take your time. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination so you do not feel rushed or a need to drive or walk in a hurried way
  • Walk with a friend or family member if possible. Carry your cell phone in case you do need to call for help
  • Bundle up and wear appropriate footwear such as boots with good traction. Avoid dress shoes or sneakers
  • Check the rubber tips of canes and walkers and replace those tips if they show any signs of wear or damage

These are just a few tips to help prevent falls when walking on icy surfaces.

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