Verdicts & Settlements

Verdicts & Settlements

Eshelman Legal Group is committed to providing you with the most personalized and professional service possible.

At the Eshelman Legal Group, we are very proud of our proven and documented record of achieving successful outcomes for clients in a variety of legal matters including Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents, 18-Wheeler Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Workers Compensation and Product Liability claims. The injuries experienced in these cases include catastrophic injuries and traumatic brain and head injuries.

Whether by jury verdict or settlement, we work tirelessly to help our clients obtain the compensation they need and deserve for their injuries and financial losses. While we cannot guarantee success in every set of facts, we will relentlessly pursue justice for our clients through negotiation if possible, and litigation when necessary.

Premises Liability/Dog Bite/Other

$90,000- plaintiff fell in parking lot due to defendant’s negligent snow plowing which resulted in a forearm fracture and surgery (2022)
$265,000 - Dog attack that lead to complete shoulder replacement (2022)
$350,000 – Dog bite to face of 5-year-old leading to permanent scarring (2022)
$110, 000 – Dog bite to a 3-year-old (2022)
$114,000 - Plaintiff was knocked down by a dog resulting in a broken hip (2021)
$65,000 - Plaintiff slipped on a slippery substance at store resulting in a left patella fracture (2021)
$305,000 - Plaintiff was attacked by a dog requiring multiple surgeries to her wrist (2020)
$500,000 - Plaintiff suffered a fractured hip and femur when Defendant failed to properly secure Plaintiff in transport vehicle (2020)
$168,000 - Plaintiff suffered fractures to his sternum and ribs after Defendant dropped a Hoyer lift on him (2020)
$500,000 - Multiple Plaintiffs sustained injuries as a result of a Golf cart (2019)
$55,000 - Plaintiff slipped in wet bay at Auto Dealership resulting in shoulder complications (2019)
$160,000 - Plaintiff slipped on an unnatural accumulation of ice at trailer park fracturing his femur (2019)
$172,500 SIRVA case (Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration) through the National Vaccine Compensation Program. He was given a flu shot too high up on his arm that caused a torn rotator cuff (2018)
$350,000 - Plaintiff fell at a trailer park, multiple fractures of the ankle (2018)
$85,000 - Plaintiff stepped into uneven concrete at a gas station, fractured ankle (2018)
$75,000 - Plaintiff fell down stairs due to defective handrail, fractured orbital bone (2017)
$55,000 - Plaintiff fell from a ladder at home, concussion and severe lacerations (2017)
$30,000 - Plaintiff slipped in vomit at a restaurant, fractured shoulder (2017)

Motor Vehicle Case Results

$370,000 - Plaintiff was in an auto accident which required spinal surgery. (2023)
$200,000 - Plaintiff was struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian resulting in broken legs. (2023)
$100,000.00 - plaintiff was in auto accident and suffered a torn rotator cuff (2022)
$100,000.00 - plaintiff was in auto accident which resulted in lumbar injury requiring a surgery (2022)
$100,000.00 - plaintiff was struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian resulting in serious injuries (2022)
$225,000 – Drunk driver went left of center, fractured leg and ribs (2022)
$272,500 - Plaintiff was in auto accident, suffering ankle fractures which required surgery (2022)
$115,000 - Plaintiff was in auto accident, resulting in fractured ribs and clavicle (2022)
$115,000 - Plaintiff was rear-ended resulting in a small hip fracture (2021)
$385,000 - Plaintiff was struck by Semi resulting in a torn rotator cuff (2020)
$142,500 - Plaintiff was rear-ended resulting in herniated discs (2020)
$190,000 – Plaintiff was a pedestrian struck by car while crossing the street, traumatic brain injury (2018)
$110,000 – Plaintiff was pinned between forklift and flatbed truck, lacerated liver and fractured ribs (2018)
$160,000 – Auto accident requiring Plaintiff to undergo a laminectomy to the lumbar spine (2018)
$100,000 - Plaintiff was sideswiped, suffered fractured ribs and vertebrae (2018)
$106,500 - Plaintiff was cut off while driving his motorcycle, suffered broken femur (2018)
$100,000 - Plaintiff victim of a road rage incident (2017)
$105,000 - Plaintiff was rear-ended, herniated disc (2017)
$137,500 - Plaintiff was rear-ended, fractures of the spine (2017)
$100,000 - Plaintiff was cut off while driving his motorcycle, suffered fractured ribs and road rash (2017)
$100,000 - Plaintiff was rear-ended, fractures to hand and back (2017)
$100,000-Plaintiff struck head on, fractured ankle (2017)
$100,000 - Plaintiff was t-boned, loss of consciousness and head lacerations (2016)
$175,000 - Plaintiff a pedestrian when struck by vehicle in crosswalk, fractured skull (2016)
$212,500 - Plaintiff struck head on due to icy roads, disc herniation (2016)
$700,000 - Wrongful Death, Plaintiff struck as a pedestrian (2015)
$275,000 - Plaintiff on motorcycle when commercial delivery truck failed to yield, concussion, road rash, lacerations, etc. (2014)
$100,000 - Plaintiff passenger on motorcycle that lost control, fractured ribs, punctured lung (2014)
$100,000 - Plaintiff on bicycle when struck by motorist, fractured leg (2014)
$575,000 - Plaintiff ran off road, fractured clavicle, concussion, torn labrum in shoulder, herniated disc (2013)
$500,000 - Plaintiff on motorcycle and ejected when other vehicle failed to yield, fractured femur and ulna (2013)
$600,000 – Plaintiff was involved in a motorcycle accident in which he suffered a fractured femur, fractured wrist, fractured vertebrae and ribs (2013).
$300,000 – Plaintiff experienced a fractured neck, forearm and ankle as the result of a motor vehicle accident (2013).
$300,000 – Plaintiff experienced a fractured tibia/fibula requiring multiple surgeries as the result of a motor vehicle accident (2012).
$100,000 – The plaintiff suffered a fractured leg and fractured shoulder when struck in a crosswalk (2012).
$250,000 – Plaintiff experienced two fractured legs and a collapsed lung when struck by defendant texting while driving (2011).
$428,979 – Fatality when Plaintiff’s motorcycle was struck by a semi-tractor trailer (2007).
$250,000 – A child experienced serious head trauma as the result of being run over while chasing after a dog in a driveway (2007).
$270,000 – Plaintiff experienced a shattered ankle requiring multiple surgeries as the result of a motor vehicle accident (2006).
$170,000 – The plaintiff suffered 15 broken ribs, a punctured lung, cracked tail-bone, broken pelvis and neck injuries as the result of a motor vehicle accident (2006).
$250,000 – A child was born premature as the result of a motor vehicle accident (2005).
$350,000 – Plaintiff experienced thorasic sprains in the upper/lower back as the results of a motor vehicle accident (2004).
$150,000 – The plaintiff was a passenger in a car when it was rear ended and pushed into a 3rd vehicle. The client suffered a herniated lumbar disc, shoulder strain, lacerations and leg scarring (2004).
$137,500 – The plaintiff was hit by a drunk driver and suffered a fractured elbow, knee surgery and back injury (2004).
$2,750,000.00 – Vacuum extractor used on baby during delivery. Permanent brain damage. (2003).
$250,000 – Plaintiff was a pedestrian and experienced a fractured ankle when a motor vehicle backed into him (2003).
$262,500 – Plaintiff experienced a fractured pelvis, fractured vertebrae, broken teeth, herniated disk, brain hemorrhage and fractured ribs as the result of a motor vehicle accident (2003).
$242,500 – Plaintiff experienced fractured cervical vertebrae, requiring multiple surgeries, as the result of a motor vehicle accident (2002).
$400,000 – Plaintiff sustained a fractured arm and fractured pelvis that required surgery as a result of the defendant going the wrong way on a one way street (2002).
$100,000 – The client suffered a fractured tibia/fibula as the result of a pedestrian motor vehicle accident hit and run (2002).
$2,500,000.00 - 19 year old hit by defendant who pulled out from stop sign. Plaintiff was in coma. (2001).
$200,000 – Plaintiff experienced a fractured ankle, fractured femur, and closed head injury when a go-cart came into the roadway causing a head-on collision (2001).
$120,000 – Faulty replacement of motorcycle handlebars caused the plaintiff to crash. The client suffered a fractured right ankle, with eventual surgical amputation of the right leg below the knee (2001).
$815,000 – Fatality when Plaintiff was a passenger in an at-fault vehicle that lost control and rolled over (2000).
$515,000 – Plaintiff experienced a closed head injury with brain damage, in addition to a fractured jaw in three places that required surgery to replace bottom teeth with implants (1998).
$100,000 – The client was involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered a severe closed head injury, fractured facial bones and a fractured humorous (1998).
$110,000 – The client suffered a fractured and dislocated hip, facial lacerations, and torn left knee ligament which required surgery as the result of a motor vehicle accident (1997).
$450,000 – Plaintiff’s vehicle was rear ended by a transit bus, which caused a herniated disc with permanency (1996).
$250,000 – The plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle when struck from behind by a semi-tractor trailer. Injuries included a closed head injury, fractured ribs, internal injuries and serious emotional distress (1996).
$550,000 – Plaintiff was injured when a semi-tractor trailer collided with a passenger car on the expressway (1993).

There are many more case results, we have listed a few from over the past 25 years.

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