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We have all seen funny skits or cartoons of people/characters slipping and falling. Numerous cartoons, the Three Stooges, various sitcoms and many more productions. It is sure to get a laugh. We laugh because we know it is all in good fun. We know the cartoons and actors are really not getting hurt. It is just physical comedy. What's even more amazing is we see the fall coming. The camera zooms in on the banana peel or a rake in the grass. Someone neglected to throw away the banana peel or put the rake in its proper place. We know what is about to happen and we are still entertained as we watch it. We laugh because we enjoy physical comedy and we know for sure no one was hurt.

Now let's pretend we work at a produce company or a landscape company. You have a co-worker that is a little careless. Maybe at the produce company, there really is a banana peel that your co-worker discarded on the floor and you rounded the corner and slipped and fell and hurt yourself. Or, you are working with a landscaping crew and yes, you step on the rake in the grass and twist your ankle. Both situations have caused a person to become injured, and possibly miss work and put everything on hold for a few weeks. Someone was negligent and caused someone else to become injured. It could have been avoided. Yes, it could have been avoided if the people who caused the injury did only what was reasonable and discarded trash in a trash can and put the rake back in its proper place.

Now we have a possible injury case. It is not a serious injury case but should you suffer lost wages and undo medical bills because someone else was careless. No, you should not. As you can see, when someone else is negligent, it can lead to an injury and suffering. I don't want to paint a gruesome picture but you can understand this concept. If you or a loved one have been injured because of someone else's negligence, you are entitled to a top settlement for your injuries, pain and suffering and lost wages if any. The banana peel and rake are just illustrations and easy to visualize. As you can imagine some work- place injuries can result in very serious injuries even death. Negligence is the root cause for very serious and horrific events. Not following proper safety procedures, defeating safety equipment such as a guard on a machine, bypassing safety switches, taking unauthorized shortcuts to do a job, lack of housekeeping around machinery, improper training, over- working, not taking your allowed breaks, mental fatigue, working faster than what is reasonable to make your goals, and more.

When someone is seriously hurt, and the root cause can be determined as carelessness or negligence, everyone usually agrees that the negligent act was foolish and should have never happened.

Some of these cases are very easy to prove as to who is at fault while others require a lot of investigative work. Eye- witnesses, documentation, reconstructing the situation and more things may have to take place to find the truth. Sometimes it becomes a fight. The injured person usually does not have the mental strength or knowledge to take on this type of fight. That is where we come in. We know there may be a fight to get all the answers to resolve this case. We have been fighting for the injured for over 40 years. We know the employer may put up a fight. We know the insurance company will put up a fight. Some people will resist. We have been there, we know what to do. We know what to ask. We known how to handle this. We also know you will need the top settlement to get you through all this. We represent you and only you. When you come to the Eshelman Legal Group for help, we work for you, not your employer, not their insurance company and not the doctors or hospital. We work strictly for your benefit. Our law firm is well respected by the major insurance companies and the court system. We are focused on cases like yours. Our law firm only handles personal injury cases. We know this area of law thoroughly.

You can contact the Eshelman Legal Group if you have been hurt on the job. Your initial consultation is free. You do not pay anything unless we win your case. Do not hesitate, Ohio has strict time limits as to when you can file a claim for your case. If you wait too long, there is nothing anyone can do to help you. You have to file your case before the statute of limitations for your case expires. Call today and get peace of mind knowing that you have a top rated personal injury law firm on your side. We will work and fight on your behalf. "We'll Make Things Right".

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